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The Families

I thought it would be a nice addition to the site to do some sort of a family tree.  Obviously anyone that has ever attempted to do a family tree knows how difficult and time consuming it can be.  So I thought with a little help from all of you it might be a bit easier and here is where I will ask for input from my cousins so that I will be sure to get my family facts straight and this will be as accurate as possible.

In an effort to somehow document the families that are descendant from Pietro and Maria Zito without doing an extensive family tree, I have come up with this.

I think it would work if I first listed the son/daughter of  P & M and then listed there spouse(s) followed by their children.  That should be a good start.  I would love to take it the next step and list the grandchildrens spouse(s) and children.  After that it might get a bit labor intensive and long, especially when you have to start listing multiple spouses and offspring from those spouses.  However, with the help of all you Zito’s out there I think it just might come together.

I will start with my family, since I know all of these facts to be true.  I will gladly list any of the other families if someone will step up and send me the info.  Here is the basic format that I will use.

Dominic Zito Sr.

Dominic Zito Sr.

Wife- Elizabeth (Fiori) Zito


Russell Dominic Zito

            Wife- Sharon (Mangus) Zito

 Thomas Richard Zito

            Wife (ex) – Linda (Hodak) Zito

            Children – Franklin Stewart Zito

            Wife (almost) – Marci Kirkpatrick (20+ years together)

            Wife – Karen

 Diane Elizabeth (Zito) Hazelet

            Husband – Robert Dean Hazelet

            Children- Jesse Lee Hazelet

 Donna Arlene (Zito)(Lewis) Zito

            Husband (ex) – John Lewis


Ryan Michael Lewis

                            Wife – Melissa (Kijowski) Lewis

                             Children- Alexis Lewis, Symone Lewis (twins)

John Joseph Lewis

                            Wife – Michelle Lewis

                            Children - Giana Elizabeth Lewis, McCartney John Lewis

 Dominic Zito Jr.

            Wife – Tammy Lynn (Kelly) Zito

            Children – Danielle Leanne Tomlinson

                                Sarah Nicole Tomlinson

                                Dominic Zito III

                                Dean K Tomlinson

Frank Zito

Frank Zito

Wife – Charlotte (Mari) Zito


 Carolyn Ann (Zito) Carlo

               Husband – Eddie Carlo

               Children – Joanna Carlo

                                 Husband - Matt Cafarella

                                 Children - Nina Marie Cafarella 

Frances Marie (Zito) Johnston

             Husband – Richard “Dick” Johnston

             Children – Melissa Marie Johnston

                                 Sara Michelle (Johnston) Fowler

                                         Husband – Les Fowler

                                         Child- Evan Richard Fowler

                                 Michael Richard Johnston

                                          Wife – Kate (Majka) Johnston

Frank Paul Zito

             Wife – Penny (Sernasie) Zito

              Children – Santino Joseph Zito, Carmen Salvatore Zito


Dennis Charles Zito

Nancy Therese Zito-Gudorf

            Husband – Richard “Dick” Gudorf

            Children – Daniel Christopher Gudorf, Matthew Nicholas Gudorf

Mark Stephen Zito

            Wife (ex) – Bonnie (Pugliese) Zito

            Children – Mark Louis Dominic Zito, Samuel Joseph Zito

            Fiance – Susan Ross

Wife – Shirley (Battaglia) Zito


Teresa Marie (Zito) Brookes

                        Husband (ex) – Bill Brookes

                        Children – Tyrone Brookes, Tiffany Brookes

                        Husband – Chuck Cornelius

 Dino Zito

Margaret (Zito) Watkins

Margaret “Marge” Mae (Zito) Watkins

Husband – Clyde Edward Watkins


Marie Lorelei Watkins

            Husband – Robert McCarthy

Kathleen Rose (Watkins)(Butry) Boniello

            Husband (ex) – Peter Butry

            Children –

            Brian M. Butry

                   Wife – Christine (Dawson) Butry

                    Children – Emma, Dylan

             Jonathan (Jon) B Butry

                    Wife – Tammy

             Katherine (Kate) L. Butry

             Husband – David Boniello

             Children – Alex Boniello

 Edward Peter Watkins

            Wife (ex) – Jacqueline Schuler

            Children –

             Mandi B Hemphill

                    Husband – Eric Hemphill

                     Children – Zachary, Tierney, Tenley;

              Matthew P Watkins     

              Wife - Ashley (Suitor) Watkins

              Children– Peter, Maxwell, Aaron, Michael

              Stephen E

              Daniel P

              Erica D (adopted and estranged)

              Elle B

              William F

              Bryan T

              Joshua C

              Noa M

              Samuel J

Lawrence Michael Watkins

               Wife – Sandra Broderick