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Famous Zito Recipes

On this page you will be able to find recipes that have been passed down through the generations.  Was there something special that your mom used to make and you have the recipe and would like to share it with all the Zito's?  If so, this is the place to do it. 

Just submit your recipes to  and they will be posted here for all to share. 

Right off the top of my head I can think of several I would like to see.  There should be several different sauce & meatball recipes, greens and beans, pasta fagioli, beans and macaroni and pineapple squares just to name a few.

Greens & Beans

Greens and Beans

(scadole and beans)

A meal prepared during the depression.  This was also a meal that Maria Zito would cook for her family.

3                                  Medium heads of          Escarole

2                                  Medium heads of          Endive

1          can                               northern white beans (cannelli) do not rinse

1          can                               plain kidney beans do not rinse

6-8                               toes (cloves) of garlic (use more/less if you want)

1/8       cup                               oil....(I use canola and olive mixed)

1          quart                            chicken stock

2          tbsp                              Italian seasoning

2                                              Bay leaves

                                                Pepper to taste

                                                Red pepper if you like it a little spicy(we do)

 Feel free to adjust the amounts as I have never measured so I may be a little off on them.  There are no mistakes in making’s your taste!


Separate the Escarole & Endive and soak in a basin (sink) with water.   The leaves must be very clean or you’ll be eating dirt!

Start to chop up your garlic and slowly brown in the olive oil in your pot.  If you cook the garlic too long it will turn bitter...remove from stove.

Then wash the leaves of the escarole and endive as they tend to collect sand and dirt.  Rip them in to med size pieces and place them in your oil and garlic.  Cleaning the greens takes me at least ½ hour. 


Stir the greens in the oil and garlic over med heat then start to add your beans, spices and chicken stock.  Use more stock if you want it to be more like a soup.  Cook until the leaves are limp and tender...about an 1 ½ hours or so.

 Other variations:

My mother always cut up a couple of potatoes and diced them into the mixture.

My Aunt used to put hot Italian sausage in hers. 

Enjoy and feel free to call me with any questions!

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