The Zito's From Niagara Falls, NY

We're Talking Loud and Proud!

Pietro & Maria (Tartaglia) Zito

Who We Are

The Zito's of Niagara Falls, NY are descendants of Pietro and Maria Zito.  Our mom's and dad's, aunts and uncles and Grandmothers and Grandfathers were all children of those two Italian immigrants. 

Pietro was born in Capua, Italy on June 29, 1889.  Maria was born in Portico di Caserta, Italy on December 20, 1890.  Pietro used to walk several miles down the road that connected these two small towns in order to visit Maria.

They were married July 10, 1910 at Portico Di Caserta, Italy.  They had two children while living in Italy.

Pietro immigrated to Niagara Falls, NY from Capua, Italy which is near Naples in 1913.  A few years later, he sent for his wife Maria and their 2 children.  Maria arrived in New York, NY in 1915.  Traveling with her were two children; Carolina and Giovanni (John). 

They had a total of 9 children:

Carolina 4/21/1911, Portico di Caserta, Italy

Giovanni (John) 11/15/1912, Portico de Caserta, Italy

Antonio (Anthony) 1/22/1916, Niagara Falls, NY

Francesca (Frank) 9/15/1919, Niagara Falls, NY

Domenica (Dominic) 9/12/1920, Niagara Falls, NY

Pietro (Peter) 3/27/1922, Niagara Falls, NY

Irene 4/2/1923, Niagara Falls, NY

Margaret (Marge) 5/29/1928, Niagara Falls, NY

There was another son born, Giuseppe (Joseph) but he died at a very young age.

I am not certain of some of the exact birth dates as they were taken from Pietro and Maria's citizenship papers and there were some conflicting dates.  I know my dad's birthday is listed as 9/8 and his birthday is actually 9/12.  Uncle Pete is listed on one as 3/15 and the other as 3/27.  Even Pietro's own birth year is listed on his papers as 1889 and on Maria's as 1888.  If any of you have other dates or know that any of the dates listed are incorrect, please contact me with the correct dates.

For a more thorough description of Pietro and Maria's immigration to America, visit the "Nancy Goes To Italy" page.

Pietro's Ship

This is the vessel that brought Pietro Zito to America.  He arrrived at Ellis Island on May 31, 1913.

Maria's Ship

This is the ship that Maria traveled on to be reunited in America with her husband Pietro.  Her port of entry was New York, NY and she arrived on April 14, 1915


This is a map of the area of southern Italy known as Campania.  It consists of several provincia (provinces) including Caserta, where the cities of Capua and Portico di Caserta are located.  Those are the towns that Pietro and Maria were from.